Someone to Lean On

There is a Volvo commercial that I love, not because of the product being presented, but because of the song entitled Lean On.  One line sticks with me throughout the day:

All we need is somebody to lean on…”

I found the original version of the song, and it sounds nothing like what is in the commercial. It is more fast-paced, a song you would hear in a club perhaps. The version in the commercial is just the opposite: slowed down, and has the tone of comfort to the one listening to it. 

More than ever, this line is what many of us need. Millions worldwide are looking for answers to lean on, conclusions that would help them come to terms with their fear and concerns over the virus pandemic.

If only we could find that someone to lean on.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary includes in its definitions of the word lean to mean

to cast one’s weight to one side for support

to rely for support or inspiration

to incline, defined further as to lean, bend, or become drawn toward an opinion or course of conduct

A verse comes to mind: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” I Peter 5:7

A fisherman with a fishing rod casts the line forward, to get it in the water and lure a catch of fish. On the end of the line may be a worm that will lure the fish to come and take a bite. What do you want to cast out into the deep? Is it the fear you have been experiencing from news of the virus spreading worldwide? Is it the concern you have over bills piling up because you have been laid off? Is it not knowing if your business will permanently close or remain open?

As you cast (representative of leaning) your finances out into the deep, reel in God’s provision. As you cast fear out into the deep, reel in God’s peace.  Cast out whenever something nags at you that would cause you to experience the negativity of your situation and concern of you and your family. Believe that God will make a way; only believe He can do so. You may have to wait for it, but keep asking and keep believing.  That is the essence of leaning in and having Someone to Lean On…








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