Buy and Seek

Given the time we are currently living in, I went to the store to get some groceries. As you probably know, water is hard to come by, and items that once were in large quantities are quite nil. I find myself trying to guess the day of the week and the time to go to the grocery store in hopes of finding that the delivery has been made and the food is somewhat plentiful. Sometimes that works, and other times it does not.

Shopping malls are closed, so I can’t get my shopping fix on. Amazon and DSW online had become my coping mechanisms, until I realized that needed to stop. I began to think of what I really needed to buy that would assist me in living life, not just buying stuff that I really didn’t need, if I am honest with myself.

Then I as led to Isaiah 55. It was a passage I needed to read. This passage presented an invitation to anyone who is thirsty and has no money coming to a place to buy, but money would not be needed, and you could buy what you wanted, “without money and without price.” The second verse really got me thinking. Reworded, the verse asks a question I had to consider. Why spend money for things that don’t satisfy, and why waste some much of your time on things that don’t satisfy you?

The next part of this chapter offers a solution. Incline, or listen to me, God says, as an everlasting covenant will be made, making the one who inclines a witness to people, who don’t know you and you don’t know them. But because of your witness to them they will run to the Lord. And here is the verse that is popular with many: God’s ways and thoughts are higher than what we possess. Later in the chapter it speaks of God’s Word, once declared and spoken out into the atmosphere, will not return void, as one goes out with joy, being led by peace.

In times such as these, what should we do? Buy things we don’t need and stay to ourselves, or get the Word out, being an encourager to as many as we can about the Lord? If we buy the right things to satisfy our inner thirst, that satisfaction will enable us to proclaim to the world.

If you purchase the right things to quench your spiritual thirst, joy and peace will come your way. The writer challenges us to seek the Lord while he can be found, and call on Him while He is near. With all this time on our hands, what better time to seek God.

Buy freely, and seek intently…


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