I started watching the latest season of a favorite tv show, which got me thinking some things. It was like God was talking to me, assuring me of something, that I’d like to share.

As is usually the case, the show’s writers create the script that is full of confusion, chaos within family relationships, even chaos from within. In this episode, the matriarch used one of my favorite verses in her sermon: Isaiah 43:19:

“Behold, I will do a new thing; shall ye not know it?”

Within my mind came a thought: When you wait for the chaos to settle, the answer will come.

At that instant, tears came down my cheek. I started breathing hard, I felt like God gave me a word. I can’t explain it anymore than that. I worshipped the Lord, just thanking Him for the ‘heads up’. Now I don’t what is about to happen, or who it will happen to. I only know that God saw to it that through whatever means necessary, He gave me something I needed to know. I prayed that when chaos comes, to remind me of this moment.

In the tv show, though the family suffered a loss, the chaos calmed down, answers came and decisions were made. And even though I know the episode was created from the minds of the show’s writers, I know God can use any vehicle to get His word across.



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