Say No to Yourself

When you are going through a challenging time, there is a learning element to it. For example, I have learned to tell myself I will not do this, and I can’t have that. Yes, I want to go shopping, and yes that means spending money. In the past, I have spent money I did not have, which put me in a financial bind. Now I am learning what it means to say no, actually mean it, and discovering perhaps saying no isn’t all that bad after all.

I am not saying there is also a learning curve to saying no. Just like anything else, when there is a new way of doing things, one has to learn how to implement it in his or her life. Such is the case with me. At first, it was not the best of times; it was definitely the worst of times. So today as I had to make a decision to go to the gym (and really not wanting to go) I purposed in myself to say no to just laying around and instead go and get the exercising done. It did not take long, and I looked forward to going home and enjoying a nice hot shower. It was on my way home that I realized that when thoughts come into my mind the answer does not always have to be yes, with my action succumbing to the thought. I can do a Nancy Reagan response: Just say no.

So I realized something today: I can say no to myself and the reaction follow that demand of saying no. I  hope this continues, and that I can instill in myself with the help of God who makes a statement that with Him all things are possible, perhaps having the power to say no to myself is doable after all. So far, so good.


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