Is God Waiting on You to Move?

Today was a day full of ‘nuggets’. By that I mean listening to sermons that had within it a sentence that stuck with me. From listening to them I realized some things:

  • You say you are waiting on God, but in actuality God is waiting on you. I thought of things I wanted to do, saying I am waiting for God to say when to go. In the Old Testament, oftentimes God said to go and then he would give further instructions. For example, in the book of Genesis God told Abraham (his name was Abram at the time) to move and go to a land where He will show him. Abram did not know where to go, but he gathered his family and belongings and started the journey. He moved.
  • God would have us serve. That can’t happen if you continue to sit in the pew. If we are called to do something, gifted to serve, God has given us the tools we need to get started with the serving. He has provided his children with gifts to use in the kingdom, and to those that need to be in the kingdom.
  • Answer your own prayers. I never thought about things in this manner. We pray for God to act in certain ways, when in fact we should delve out and get started. He has already provided the gifts. If we would just venture out, God will provide the direction, but we must take a leap of faith and launch out.
  • Fire over Fear. We may be nervous about doing something, but do you want to be stuck in fear, which keeps us from moving forward, or do we want to experience God’s fire so much that we are willing to step over the fear? The choice is ours; as said before, oftentimes God is waiting for us.

If nothing else, what I heard others say today encouraged me tremendously. We can stay in the land of doubt, fear, and all the negative emotions that come with that, or we can exercise and increase our faith by packing up and moving to a city of commitment, obedience, and action.

We say we waiting on God, but is God waiting on YOU?


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