Being Prepared and Letting Go While Waiting

 Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation. Psalm 62:1

Waiting is a process that does not include shortcuts, and if you are like me, I would love to have a shortcut, as it would take less time and effort. I don’t like the process of waiting.   Ordering a shirt online and waiting for it to be delivered in three weeks is one thing. You order the size, the color, punch in the needed shipping information, pay for it and the process is done, being told the order will be shipped in three weeks. Waiting for an extended time for something is quite another (months or maybe even years). The type of waiting I’m talking about here I wish only took three weeks or less, but that is usually not the case. So what do you do when you have prayed, anticipated, prayed some more, and not much is happening? The following is not all inclusive, but consider the following:

In order to wait in weightless mode (see last blog entry) there has to be a mental shift. That shift is a de-emphasis from what you are waiting for and more toward an emphasis to the One whom you have placed your expectation in. In other words, stop thinking so much on what you have prayed for (and its solution) and instead think on God and his promises. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee (Isaiah 26:3). The time you are waiting for God’s wisdom and direction is also a time for you to learn as much as possible about what God has already done for you, what his plans are for you, and who he is and forever will be…regarding you. How many times have we stressed out on the issue and  its solution when all we need to do is cast our care upon him and leave it to him for the detailed direction on what we should do? The problem is we tend to make  misguided attempts to create solutions (what if that could happen or what if that doesn’t happen) with no evidence that God never told us to make such creations. Instead he commands us to give it over, which means our hands (and minds) have to let it go.

  • Let go of the concern and place it in the hands of God, the faith author and finisher
  • Trust God will handle us and the request
  •  Read God’s Word, allowing what we read to come alive and give us the power to continue in the process of waiting while God does what is needed in front of  and behind the scenes.

Could it be that while we wait there is actually something we could learn from the experience? That’s next time, but in the meantime be strengthenized, till we “read again”…




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