Somethin’s in the Air: Can you feel it?

I wish I could describe to you what I am feeling and why I am feeling it, but right now all I can say is I am excited! This year many have said is a year of change. I so believe that to be true. In the past when I wanted to change there was always some type of blockage the stopped me in my tracks. But this year, something is different. I feel an atmosphere of freedom, as if God is saying “I am giving you the go ahead. Continue on.”

Earlier today I was thinking that I wish I could experience an audible voice like those of the Old Testament, where a question would be asked of God and he would answer audibly. I listen to testimonies from those being called into the ministry how they audibly heard the voice of God. I can’t say that has happened to me personally, but dreams have been occurring that I can remember when I awaken; beautiful dreams with a message of the greater is soon to happen. But I must caution you on one thing:

If you have been catching something similar to the above, the time is now, and it is not a time to sit idle, waiting for it to happen. The time is now to get prepared and ready. If you haven’t already done so, pray to be steered to the right avenue where the new job awaits for you, ministry is waiting to be launched through you, and a mentally and physically transformed you is about to be presented to the world! This is not a time to be asleep, and not a season to think and act like you did in the past:

 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

The first part of this verse is exploding with excitement, but look at the last part; it has the words wilderness and desert. That means there may be times that are difficult (wilderness) and dry (desert), as though it appears the “it” will not happen. but here’s the good part. Within this verse God promises it is he who will make a way during your wilderness experience, and there will be plenty to drink while in the dryness of the desert. But you must press on, having faith that God will get you through.

New things in 2016! Get ready to take a bold leap, ’cause though you may not be able to totally explain it, something’s about to happen;  can you feel it?



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