God’s Supply vs. Your Need. What is your emphasis?

There is  a God who is for us and not against us. We have access to a God that is willing to do everything for us. Is that a problem for you? It may be, because while God is available, many do not pursue the supply he has for us. The bible says

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”       Philippians 4:19

Why is it that we don’t experience the supply? It may be that the emphasis is more on the need than the supply. For example, the need may be regarding being finances. It could be anything from paying one bill to making a decision of going into foreclosure and declaring bankruptcy. What would happen if we went to God and tapped into his supply? He encourages us to make our requests be made known to God, and in exchange he will give us peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:6). But here may be what is happening: dwelling on the problem instead of embracing the solution of God’s supply.

Here is what I mean. Here are two prayers:

Prayer A: ” God I need help. Every time I think I am making headway, something else comes up. When am I ever going to get my head above water? When will the breakthrough come? How is it going to happen? How, why, when ……”

Prayer B: “God, you know what I need, but I know what you promise. You said you will supply my need according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You said to give my requests to you and you will handle it. You encourage me to cast my cares upon you for you care for me. And so I am trusting you for who you are, and what you have blessed me with in the past, and if you did it before, you can and will supply me with benefits again…”

I hope you can see the difference. Prayer A is more a complaint of what is going wrong, and Prayer B is more acknowledgement. The difference between the two is emphasis. One prayer is emphasis on the problem, while the other prayer is emphasis on the infinite supply of God. Please don’t get me wrong I have “prayed” more “A” prayers than I can count, particularly when I believe I am in a crisis situation. But when I pray the “B” prayers, there is such a difference. The peace comes, and my mental chaos subsides, enabling me to continue on, though I don’t have answers or solutions.

In order to do the “B” prayers one has to have knowledge of what the bible says, which is a recording of God’s promises. Doing a study on what those promises are, and researching the many names of God like Jehovah-jireh (which means God my provider) will aid you in knowing more about God that can be incorporated in your prayers and daily meditation on him.

So be encouraged and strengthenized, and tap into God’s supply…what is your emphasis?


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