Weekend Informational

Earlier in the day I read a post from another friend:

“Sometimes it can be EXTREMELY overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin with all the Lord has put in you, in addition to dealing with all that life brings you!”

I responded with many comments:

“and trying to discover the balance between the two! Just know you are not alone in this battle! Many (including me) are going through this…Then you get all these great ideas, and you think now how am I going to do THAT! Then comes the thought, God must be giving me these ideas because He believes I can do it. My question is HOW? I haven’t finished the other ideas given me! So I truly understand.”

I had been asking God for His direction on a myriad of issues, from health concerns to starting a business, to writing (which by the way had come to a screeching halt on my part). I knew this weekend would be full of attending two friends’ events: one yesterday, and one today. I didn’t feel my best yesterday, but knew I wanted to attend both events. Saturday evening’s event was inspirational on many fronts. I got to hear many points from three presenters that really got my attention:

  • one spoke of leaving Chicago, moving to LA with not much financially, and though it took a few months, he realized his musical dreams, which included starting a business, and working in the entertainment field with top talents and realizing another dream of traveling the world while on tour. He encouraged all who attended to not only believe the dream can be done, but to invest in yourself, even if that means leaving the familiar and venturing out into the unknown.
  • the next person was also in the musical field, but left her good paying job in one field moved to another city for an intern job (no money), and discovering yet another field of helping others increase their finances through investments. She had no idea where her journey would take her, but was willing to get out of the familiar and realize her dream of no longer being broke while helping others in the process. Now her clients are nationwide and beyond.
  • the host, a talented singer/musician, discovered her dream of creating this event of giving to others, and said “don’t bring your million dollar vision to penny minded people.” Therefore, one has to chose to be surrounded by those who are encouraging (rightful connections), not by ones who are not motivating. Dreams need to be written down (as recorded in Habakkuk 2:2), keep watch over what you say in the atmosphere, and the most important one I think: just do it.

As I sat in the back listening (sitting in the back was on purpose: I was the oldest one there), I thought of how often I have come up with ideas – and by the way, God keeps giving me even more – and I am not doing the equivalent of the Nike commercial: Just Do It. Awe, but there’s more.

This afternoon I attended another friend’s event that launched her latest book entitled Pursuing Purpose: 5 Keys to Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose. This book is right on point, meeting me where I presently am. It was a joyous occasion, and one I hope to experience of my own by the end of this year hopefully. This same person has also launched her own business of being a publisher; just what I need – a right connection.

Everything I saw and heard was very informative this weekend. I got to see two women forging ahead, trusting God by coupling their faith with their works of realizing their goals.

This morning I sent my friend (the one I first mentioned) another message:

“I went to an event last night of a friend. I wish you were there. If you only knew what she talked about! It was on the … comments of yesterday. I am so encouraged. I started not to go. Just be encouraged that God will see to it that he will tell you he is for you, and will send a word to you through others to tell you to follow what he has deposited in you. Be encouraged to strive and continue….”

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”  Habakkuk 2: 2,3

This weekend which was full of confirmation of what I already know, and has shown me I need to be the next spokesperson for the Nike commercial…stay tuned while being strenthenized.




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