Free is Good

Though I have been in my new apartment for about three months, I am still not fully unpacked, but I am almost free of boxes.  I noticed I needed something to solve my storage problem. Important papers and other stuff needed to get off the floor and in some type of storage system. So I started on a quest to find what would fit my space and be large enough to fit my needs. Many stores had units on sale, so the price was on point as well as the style. But something was keeping me from making the purchase.

Did I really need it now,  and could I wait a month or two when I had more funds? I went to the store three times, only to stay in my car and drive away. I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything, and perhaps now I know why.

My apartment complex has an area in back where the trash containers are located, and also where furniture is placed by those who are moving and no longer want. Such things are up for grabs for anyone who wants it. A couple of days ago, that space had a lot of furniture people left, and my eye noticed a piece. It was on its side, but after inspecting it looked similar to a bedroom dresser I had, and I knew it was well made, and was an old piece, constructed in a time when furniture makers used their craftsmanship to make dove-tailed drawers, curved drawers. Though it had been outside for a couple of days, it looked to be in pretty good shape.

Today was the day to wheel in my treasure hunt piece and see if it could fit in the space I carved out in my living room. After getting it inside and rearranging the living room, which didn’t take long, the freebie piece not only fit the space, but it had the six drawers of I wanted for storage! All it needed was to give it a good cleaning, some furniture polish, and my storage problem would be solved. And it was free, and my finances didn’t suffer!

Sometimes one needs to heed the inner tugging of not doing something to reap the blessings God has in store. How about you? Have you been feeling perhaps you shouldn’t do something while at the same time not knowing why? Consider this: If you want to do something but you feel an inner tug-of-war going on regarding if you should do it or not, chances are you should put it on hold. When I decided not to make a purchase, the blessing came that was exactly what I needed. Peace replaced the ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ thoughts, and all worked out well.

I know I am only talking about a solution to storage, but this process can be applied to anything you are tussling over. Asking God for help helps, and who knows, maybe you can also be able to say Free is Good…be strengthenized.


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