Remembering the Good

Today is Good Friday.

Usually this is a day of reflection of what Jesus did on our behalf. For many it is a solemn time. My pastor stated it should be just the opposite, a joyful reflection. Jesus was willing to step in and take our place of punishment for being born in and committing sin. We should have received the punishment we rightfully deserved. But because of what took place on Calvary we have victory, mercy and the gift of grace. But there’s more, so much more.

Many think that once salvation is receive that’s it. But Jesus, when he left the planet sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us in every need and situation. As we live, there is God, who is forever available to answer the call of situations that need resolution, sicknesses that need healing, relationships that need mending, and the provision of peace we can’t explain for inner quietness, available for all who believe God is the One who provides.

All this and so much more Jesus provided while on Calvary; I suppose that is why this particular Friday is described as Good. Thank you Jesus as you continue to strengthenize us…


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