Trusting While Requesting…

A few months ago, I felt overwhelmed at work. I was very, very behind in everything, and did not know how I was going to be successful. If you read my blog called, you will understand why. Add to that my own health issues and by the time October rolled around, I was getting close to feeling helpless. But I remembered a prayer a couple of pastors prayed over me in September. They told me God would meet the need and I would get caught up. No one knew the health issue my mother would have in next month, but one thing I can say: God is being faithful in meeting the need.

Life does not always go as we plan it, and while I wanted to quickly get work done, it has not happened at that pace. But it has been getting done, just at a much slower pace than I imagined. I noticed that during the summer I had attempted to put some goals in place, and now months later, I discovered they actually have worked for my good. Something I thought I misplaced was found. Work I thought was not completed actually was done, I just needed to do a couple of things and the work was finished.

So here is the is the challenge for everyone who reads this. If there is a request you ask  God to solve, trust that he will meet that need, regardless of how the situation looks. Your job is to keep trusting as you keep doing. Don’t give up on yourself, and don’t give up on God. I read somewhere to allow your faith to be stronger than the situation. The elements that make up those frustrating situations cause us to think there is no solution;  but  there is One who, if we ask, can provide the answer. As the song goes, “if you trust and never doubt, he will surely bring you out.”  May not be a quick fix, and may take some time, but it will happen…if we will only trust in a God who does not fail in his faithfulness towards us.

Be strengthenized…



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